A Brooklyn dance party for the thinking feller with primitive vocals, primitive drums and weird electronic effects. The art kids and rockers can finally hug and maybe make out in a pool of sweaty pheromones. We will follow this up with an Aa enhanced CD in the near future and a full length in the summer!

Aa have played shows with XBXRX, Mindflayer, Coachwhips, TV on The Radio etc.

“Not just noise, not just drums, but something that reaches ecstatic, bombastic heights”
— Pitchfork

“Propelled by three drummers (four counting John Atkinson, who flails his maracas like a chimp on crack), Aa consistently wows loft parties with a sonic battery of driving beats, ethereal electronics, and samples of sirens and elephant cries. There are lyrics in all that yelling, though we still can’t tell what they say.”
— New York Magazine (Top Five)

“Passionately clamorous local experimenters.”
— New York Times

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