Bunny Brains

Sticky sheets. Dangerous sex. A dirty breeze that smells of acid and hate. Curdled lunacy. Inhuman yelps. Idiot savant drums play. Bleeding walls of guitars that are equal parts junk, gunk, and misfired spunk. Connecticut’s The Bunny Brains founded by Daniel Saxton Bunny, present one of the best psych/noise/punk records ever to hit stores. Before the band was befuddling the Devendra Banhart and Mindflayer fans of today with their assaults of noise and drugged-out humor they were horrifying Sebadoh and Dwarves fans with more of the same and then some. This record will provide a one-way ticket to dementia.

“The Second Best Band to come from Connecticut.”
–Matador Records

“Connecticut’s Bunnybrains spew messy noise like Linda Blair spits pea soup: except the only things possessing Bunnybrains are a love of rock and fun (hmmmm, okay, maybe the devil too)”
–Time Out New York

“Given their rabbit suits and related performance cabaret-leanings, these noisy Connecticut artfucks come off surprisingly songful on last year’s Buzzcock-title-parodying Sin Gulls (Goring St. Eddy) 1988-1998 anthology. Best reference points would be the two Butthole Surfers E.P.’s and Album Generic Flipper, though 1990’s “On The Floor Again” is the catchiest Rocket From The Tombs facsimile-cum-“Subterranean Homesick Blues” rewrite you’ve never heard.”
–.Chuck Eddy, Village Voice

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