Gold Beach

Gold Beach, aka Michael J Winningham, started as a bedroom project in Austin Texas in 2011. What began as an experiment in songwriting and recording slowly turned into something bigger. The first album, Habibti, grabbed the attention of many, awarding Gold Beach appearances at SXSW, NXNE, the Index Festival, and playing alongside national acts such as Mac DeMarco and Balmorhea.

Ryou Cannon, is the latest album by Gold Beach, to be released by Narnack Records in the Fall of 2015. While still sharing the spacious arrangements of its predecessor, Ryou constructs itself with new tools and a breath of revived energy. Glassy guitars, swelling harmoniums, and driving synthesizers jump in and out of the album, transporting the listener to the ethereal beyond.

‘Surrounded by an ethereal haze of guitars and billowing bass lines, Michael J. Winningham’s bittersweet vocals simmer as he croons over an ’80s-­era snare.’­­ S​PIN

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