Guitar Wolf

Guitar Wolf is one of the original garage punk rock bands to emerge from Japan. The trio – which consists of guitarist Seiji, bassist UG and drummer Toru- formed in 1987 along with groups like’s, Teengenerate, and Mad 3. They strongly believe that the essence of their style originates from the pure fundamentals of rock’n’roll. You can always count on Guitar Wolf to put on the most charismatic performances. Their shows are always loud, chaotic, but at the same time humorous and always unpredictable.

Released through Sony Japan’s Ki/oon Records and licensed in the USA by Matador and Narnack.

“Since their inception in the late-1980s, Guitar Wolf have blasted out a raunchy, raucous version of the American rock’n’roll of the 1950s. Following in the footsteps of the Ramones, the band injects punk attitude into its stripped-down rock and notoriously over-the-top live performances”

“Japan. British and American rock `n’ rollers can try to match the distortion, intensity and all-around rockocity, but they are still yet to even come close”
–The California Aggie- T. Earl Nichols

Seiji, Billy, and Toru have a grasp of very loud, very fast, and very, very dirty rock that verges on the stupendous. For these guys… raw talent is the only explanation, and this explosive trio has plenty.

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