Hella formed in Mid February 2001 and then 5RC (Imprint of Kill Rock Stars) officially broke the genius nut over the music world’s head with Hella’s “Hold your Horse Is.” This two-piece has been touring ever since and spreading their mighty musical seed. Zach and Spencer have been playing in bands together since they were wee lads of sixteen. This explains their uncanny ability to become a rambunctious, two-headed being with complex, high-energy fist pumping tunes.

“To put it crudely, Total Bugs isn’t just musical masturbation — there’s a method to the madness. And when all is said and done, Total Bugs generously rewards those who are daring enough to go along for the ride”
–Alex Henderson, All Music Guide

“Total Bugs is yet another dose of awesome sauce from these dudes. The record brings together some previously disparate elements in Hella’s repertoire: the guitar is now teamed up with, and usually dominated by, intricate, videogame-like programming. The resulting sound is a touch smoother, but doesn’t lose an ounce of their trademark spastic bounce”

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