Not since Nirvana has a band from Seattle ticked my fancy like Intelligence. This kid Lars Finberg, is unstoppable and responsible for some of the best music blasting out of the underground. He’s a massive, pulsating, purple, brain squirting out bands like it was as easy as making a baby. Lars structures the A-Frames post-apocalyptic pop world where we all learned to dance on the heads of nuked, mutilated bodies. Intelligence utilize melodic acoustic guitars with wire cutting electric riffs, crushed keyboards, jumping jack fun drums and sing along vocal melodies. Each song is so fully satisfying and barely busts the two-minute mark…so fuck it. Ever since Intelligence plugged into the music circuit the kids have been terrorizing boredom with a wicked wiggle from the ass. For an outer body experience, give Intelligence a listen.

Still releasing new material through “In the Red Records”