Langhorne Slim

There he is, in porkpie hat and dandy thrift store suit, looking like a fresh-faced grifting bluesman. Langhorne Slim was born in the ‘80s but routinely refers to his lovers as “mama.” He’s a throwback to an earlier time, but yet is clearly madly in love with the 21st century. And women. And dancing. And dancing with women. Slim’s humorous story telling provided insight into the life of a lovin’, travelin’ blues man and served as a telling prelude to his next Narnack release. Sporting a backing band who becomes one with their front man, complimenting his voice and guitar with thick upright bass and soft shoe drumming, Langhorne Slim surely is a long ways from his last dance.

Slim’s song “The Electric Love Letter” can be heard in the recently released and critcally-lauded indie film “Waitress” starring Keri Russell.

“When the boogie is abundant, Langhorne Slim can do no wrong, but although he isn’t bored by it, other tunes that are just off the boogie road are just as fine, particularly the groovy “Loretta Lee Jones” that comes off a bit like Cat Stevens in his prime if he found an old banjo beside Buddha in the chocolate box”

“The best may be to come, but in the meantime get out of your rocker and dance”

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