Parts & Labor

Brooklyn analog noisepunk trio Parts & Labor weaves infectious melodies around the searing electronic noise of malfunctioning toys. Dinky Casio SK-1s and Yamaha Portasounds roar apocalyptic fury after being stuffed through pedals, oscillators and oft-ablaze amplifiers; old fashioned guitar and drum muscle keep the cogs from clattering to the cold floor; protest anthems are cloaked in metaphor and howled though a delay pedal. Their tumultuous live shows have assaulted and wooed audiences on two national tours, collaborating with Can’s Damo Suzuki and performing with The Fall, TV On The Radio, Melt Banana, Deerhoof, Jim O’Rourke, Ween, Enon, Lightning Bolt, Oneida, Coachwhips and dozens more. Their upcoming material is the sound of the perpetual victory dance, embrace it, don’t erase it.

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