Narnack Records presents this Texas duo’s raging garage punk influenced swamp rock that guarantees a good night out. Banjos, guitars, and some extremely interesting percussion (oil drums, boxes, license plates & whatever else they can pull from the local dumpster!…) plus a heaping spoonful of hillbilly = GOOD TIMES.

Restavrant has a ferocious Southern California fan base and has played shows everywhere from the Venice boardwalk to the warehouses of East LA. Restavrant just finished headlining a hugely successful residency at “The Echo” in Echo Park and on Nov. 30, 2007 will be featured on the cover of “LA Record”.

Restavrant’s debut Full-Length album “Returns to the Tomb of Guiliano Medidici” will be out in the second quarter of 2008 preceded by a series of four seven-inches in the coming months.

Restavrant is:
Troy Murrah & Jonathan Case

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