The Fall

Emerging from Salford, UK, The Fall formed in 1976 after vocalist and incomparably acid-tongued lyricist Mark E. Smith decided he wanted a more personal vessel for his words, ideas and obsessions with literature. He found some like-minded compatriots and the first full-length, Live at the Witch Trials, soon followed. Many albums and many more band member changes later, Mark E. Smith has lead The Fall in becoming what many critics consider to be the most prolific band of the British Punk movement. With his philosophical word play, knowledge of appealing song structure and bitterly controversial personality, Mark E. Smith has managed to front a band with not only a cult following but an impressive record of success on both the UK and US charts.

“In retrospect, it couldn’t have worked out any better. The Lord provided…Narnack, the record company we’re signed to in America, sorted us out with a new band. They got in touch with this fellow from LA, this drummer called Orpheo McCord. He, in turn, contacted his mate Rob Barbato, a bass player;and he got in touch with his band-mate and guitarist Tim Presley.”

-Mark E. Smith of The Fall
From the Biography: ‘Renegade : The Lives and Tales of Mark E. Smith’

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