Thee Oh Sees

Formally Thee Oh Sees (Orinoka Crash Suite) began as a way for John Dwyer to release his instrumental, experimental home recordings. Over the course of 5 albums its has evolved into a full band. Thee Oh Sees is a duo consisting of John Dwyer (Coachwhips) and Patrick Mullins, both friends residing in SF ,CA. Dwyer creates a more personal record that allows the listener to gain insight on the genius and inner workings of a modern leader in the underground music world. Thee Oh Sees is as intense and soul grabbing as any band Dwyer’s played in. The sonic layering, texture of sound and perfectly captured moods creates a completely original record. A secret for Dwyer’s success is his ability to take a part of who he is and fearlessly strip it down to some refined basic human truth while coddled in that busted state of consciousness. A fan of any of his other projects will know that Dwyer’s gonna mindfuck our heads good and proper. “Only occasionally a group slips through the cracks of conformity, creating a work pure and ambitious as the gaze of a new-born baby…” –Tiny Mix Tape “It makes for an album that’s simultaneously washed in Californian sunshine and caked in Alaska permafrost, a record that’s deceptively simple yet strangely more complex than simple folk-pop” –Aversion

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