Women & Children

What started in Paris as a casual love affair between keyboardist June Serwa and guitarist Kevin Lasting eventually transformed into a literal music-making foursome. With smooth talk and strong drinks, multi-instrumentalist Jamie Moon and drummer Olivier Robert ultimately quieted any inhibitions and the band became Women & Children. With endless energy came an infinite roster of songs, a subsequent role on Cat Power’s UK tour, and the personal go ahead from Vincent Gallo for his All Tomorrows Parties Festival. 2006 introduced the Women & Children redux duo consisting of just Serwa and Lasting and the two recorded the group’s third album Paralyzed Dance, Tonight!, released on Narnack. This folk-pop panorama in album form, presents fourteen tracks abounding with vibes rich in park life and partly cloudy journal entries. Compared to folk groups of today, Women & Children approach the music from an angle slightly askew. Like a borderline radio frequency, the sound emerges as French musicians in 60’s Paris imitating their American Folk saviors, a comfortable sound indeed.

“Women and Children ought to renew your faith in the old ways — the era when songwriting and simplicity were tantamount to musical success — as an ever-increasing horde of orchestrated goofs wears away our faith in the studio. Paralyzed: Dance Tonight is minimalism in action”

“Women and Children fuse their folk-pop rock ‘n roll mix with a darkly poetic drive, different styles and moods, from the somber ambience of Mazzy Star to the sensual glow of ‘60s French pop to the arty tendencies of Warhol’s new wave. Shining by way of simple melodies and a no-frills production, Women and Children draw themselves like a minimalist painting- raw, bare and beautiful”

Women and Children was one of Spin Magazines featured artists of 2006 for their album Paralyzed Dance Tonight

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