“X27 is the musical offspring of Rikkeh Suhtn (guitar, vocals) and Carmen X (vocals, bass, drums), two musicians obsessed with mixing pure and potent dance rock with crisp and succinct pop. This sound, well embraced by both the incredibly miserable and totally blissful masses, is dark yet delightful, heavenly but menacing, and sinister yet wildly alluring. Like an unstoppable fit of St. Vitus’ dance X27 will have your hips shaking and heart pumping warm caramel-laced blood from the tip of your skull to the nether regions of your convulsing body.”

X27’s second LP was recorded by Steve Albini and released on Narnack Records in Spring of 2007.

X27 has played shows with The Fall, The Kills, Roger Sisters, Metal Urbain, Xiu Xiu, Erase Errata, The Gossip, Tracy & the Plastics, Guitar Wolf, AOR, Deerhoof, 400 Blows, Les George Leningrad, Foetus, Wash Down, Easy Action, Ex Models, Bobby Conn, and Black Lips to name a few.

They have toured with Coachwhips, Hawnay Troof, Numbers, Flying Luttenbachers, and Pink and Brown.

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