Yellow Swans

Hailing from Portland, Oregon in 2001, the Yellow Swans came into the limelight full force. With their own collective art label already, JYRK, there was nothing but room for them to explode into the music scene. With their melodic and psychedelic woos, the Yellow Swans are destined to attract a massive amount of attention.

GMS is a Bay Area native. He moved to Portland in the summer of 2001. He first met Pete while on tour with his previous band, Boxleitner (included George Chen of KIT and 7 Year Rabbit Cycle; released a split 7″ with Total Shutdown on ZUM / Thin the Herd).

On “BtNWH” GMS plays the following instruments: Guitar, Various electronics.

YS have released numerous cassetes, CDRs, singles, and 12″ eps on Collective Jyrk, Wierd Forest, Death Bomb Arc, Since 1972, Helicopter, and many others. A more complete list is on their website. “BtNWH” is their first release on Narnack and their First proper Album.

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