DemPasswords Presents: Lee “Scratch” Perry Art Gallery

  • Posted: April 25, 2013 
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While the rest of us were slaving away at Coachella (psst, we’ll have a photo gallery of some of our favorite acts coming soon!), our friends over at Dem Passwords put on a spectacular spread of Lee “Scratch” Perry’s second art gallery showcase.

Perry’s creative output collapses the space between intimate gesture and global proclamation with a genuine spontaneity and meditative power that has carried his evolving narrative for over 50 years. He is concurrently the commander of and the vessel for a ferocious creative energy he transfigures across mediums, wielding his “X” as his cross and sword, slashing lines that carve his canvases and territory all in one go. Perry’s creations carry no pretension or aspiration to any order outside of his own. His work is the product of his mysterious mystical specializations and the evolution of a language and imaging system inflected by Obeah science and deployed in alliance with classical elemental energies.
In this exhibition of his works on paper, canvas and word processed writings, Perry plays both the prayer and the punisher through fast ink dispatches that contrast more elaborated paintings. Each work carries with it a unique psychic weight supported in part by Perry’s legacy as the creative fount that nourished Bob Marley, among so many artists, and by his seemingly inexhaustible capacity for evolutionary abstraction.

If you’re in the area, it’s definitely something you don’t want to miss!


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