EFG performing TONIGHT with The Neighbourhood and Paul Banks

  • Posted: December 5, 2012 
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Hope you guys bought tickets to the show tonight. But before you head off to the show, make sure to check out what these nice people are saying about EFG…

From BuzzBands.LA – “Since releasing their second EP early this year, Electric Flower Group (nee Electric Flower) has played a bazillion shows in rooms big and small, all the while inching toward releasing more music. The heavy psych-rock of singer-guitarist Imaad Wasif and drummer Josh Garza has won plenty of fans too — notably, the author of this song, ‘The Electrician.'”

From Ellen Wood – “LA-based psych-rockers Electric Flower Group are already mind-blowing on record, but for their new video “The Electrician,” they’ve synched the music with the gonzo 1977 Japanese cult horror film House. EFG’s dark, sonically overdriven take on the Walker Brothers’ classic “The Electrician,” combined with House’s lush and insanely bizarre visuals, culminates in an aural and sensory freakout, both of which were personally approved by Scott Walker himself.”

Don’t forget to come out tonight!

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