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  • Posted: April 11, 2012 
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Electric Flower Group, the visceral realist duo consisting of guitarist/singer Imaad Wasif and drummer Josh Garza, with their sophomore EP, entitled EP II, showcases the band expanding their sound beyond the rawness of their first EP to explore the dimensions of depth and width.

In Electric Flower rock is not dead but realized. The chemistry between Wasif and Garza is undeniable. These are two true modern rockers that can and will break sound barriers. They create the kind of loudness that makes you glad, with songs that have an immediate and tangiable impact on the contemporary pop musical landscape. Artifice is devalued; pure emotion is king.

“Eclipsed” is a stand-out single, part loose metaphor, part nod to Dylanʼs ʻDonʼt Think Twiceʼ and Big Starʼs ʻSeptember Gurls,ʼ yet carving a space of its own. “Cocoon” is a markedly weirder track; the repetition of the mantra-like lyric “To see your love come shining” gives way by sudden schism into an unexpected extraterrestrial soundscape, veering between CAN-esque Mesmer beats and a guitar angularity akin to This Heat, all the while carrying the current of a song unlike either.

EP II is proof that music today can be cinematic and conceptual without the complications of over-instrumentation as demonstrated within the Modern Overarching Epic. Conversely, it moves against the wake of new-fangled blues stomp rock and the limits of its obligatory two-piece bands. Side two of the EP is dedicated to a cover of Scott Walkerʼs dark symphonic ode to S&M, “The Electrician,” done to such effect that it cuts to the core of the original, its primitive brightness reaching far out into other corners.

If the world ever catches up to them, we can then be sure that times really have changed, that the end is nigh, that the circle is unbroken. Electric Flower Group are on a journey through a modern kaleidoscope of rock ‘n’ roll, transcending mainstream influence and incorporating strong minimalist elements into their modern psychedelic music. In Garza’s pummeling beats and Wasif’s vocal and guitar exorcisms, we are not listening to just two men, but to an orchestra of the damned. Electric Flower Group wakes the ghosts of rock’s most daring days, while never following them.

Limited edition to 500, Foil Stamped White Vinyl 10” EP. Includes HQ digital DL.

Side A
1. Eclipsed 2. Cocoon

Side B
3. The Electrician

“Raw post-punk psychedelia”

“With the excellent guitar work and band interplay featured on the first record, the tracks build upon this and elaborate further the duo’s fine songwriting, with tracks ranging from the likes of Eclipsed, an effortlessly cool, distorted 60′s pop track, to Cocoon, another of the band’s tracks that both evolve and flourish, opening with a dark guitar line, and hypnotic repetition of the line ‘To see your love come shining’, before building into claustrophobic layers of competing guitar lines. “

“Wasif and Garza exemplify their true musicianship with tracks that don’t simply adhere to the standard verse-chorus-verse-chorus, but offer intelligent and intricate structures and ideas”

The Silver Tongue

In London, circa 2006, guitarist Imaad Wasif, on tour with Yeah Yeah Yeahs, got into an elevator with drummer Josh Garza from the Secret Machines. The elevator got stuck. They had their respective instruments with them and jammed to pass the time. When a technician saved them, they went their separate ways and thought nothing of it – until bumping into each other on a street in Los Angeles five years later. This time, they jammed in Wasif’s rehearsal space, formed a band, cut an EP, and are now letting the rest of the world catch on. Electric Flower could easily be one of this year’s SXSW breakouts.

Rolling Stone

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