Narnack Studios

Narnack Studios, located within the Narnack Records office, is a fully functional studio with a 16-channel mixing board. Designed by Ken Gorres for Hugo Nicholson, the studio was fully remodeled when the space was taken over in 2013 by Narnack Records. During the remodeling process, the original Ken Gorres designed acoustics were improved by adding an angled wall to minimize standing waves. The studio has now come into its own as a professional recording studio open to the public.

Check out a list of artists and projects that have been in the studio here.

Control Room Narnack

The control room at Narnack Studios

The design and variety of equipment available lends itself to a flexible studio, that can take on just about any sort of project there is, from full-length albums, to two-track demos and on to voice-overs and narration even up to scoring for film and TV. Examples of previous work include: King Raam, The Singer and The Songwriter, and 22 Kings; and voiceover work for Let It Beard, and scoring for the documentary short film Little Hero.

The live room at Narnack Studios

The live room

The studio has a wide array of microphones and outboard rack effects, along with a full suite of ProTools plug-ins. It also boasts a selection of vintage instruments, from various guitars, a Steinway upright piano, to a Fender Rhodes, with its original amplifier. There are also guitar amps available for use.

The common area outside narnack studios

The common area outside the studios provides a peaceful area for fresh air.

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