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Lee Scratch Perry
Catalog #: 7037
Release Date: 08.22.06


Fresh from his Grammy win for Best Reggae Album, Lee “Scratch” Perry has granted the wish of many and returned with yet another amazing release! Panic in Babylon is the new full-length epic, with a unique catchiness and hypnotizing rhythm only Perry’s hands could bring to life. Relax and soak in the album’s sharply enriching tones as the renowned “Father of Dub” takes you for a psychotropic journey throughout life’s highs and lows. Each tune’s signature reggae echo bounces giddily off the inner walls of your head, sending thick, magnetic currents throughout your legs and hips. Lee “Scratch” Perry, being the sly producer he is, adds a distinctly untried edge to Panic in Babylon.The album’s backing musicians have shared stories of Perry’s constant approach to newfangled ideas – suggestions that seem musically impossible but, when executed, end up making absolute sense. Originally released in Switzerland in 2005, Panic in Babylon is set to hit U.S. shores in August 2006.The Narnack version features a bonus disc of new collaborations with George Clinton, TV on the Radio, and DJ Spooky! “Lee Perry is a towering figure in reggae – a producer, mixologist, and songwriter who, along with King Tubby, helped shape the sound of dub and made reggae music such a powerful part of the pop music world.” – All Music Guide “A certifiable genius.” – BBC