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Box The Bunny (4CD & DVD SET)

Format Box Set

Box The Bunny (4CD & DVD SET)


99% of this 4CD/DVD set has been available only on vinyl until now.

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Catalog #: 7021
Release Date: 10.05.04

99% of this 4CD/DVD set has been available only on vinyl until now. Included are the out-of-print Matadoor, LHG, Now Sound, and Blackjack LPs, plus their self-released LP from 1998. The DVD includes live material.


Bunny Brains: Daniel Saxton (vocals, guitar).Magnet (p.93) – “[T]hese four discs assemble all of the Connecticut crypto/psycho art-noise collective’s 1990s vinyl output….It’s worth the hunt.”

Track Listing:

Disc 1
1. Jimboogie
2. I Am Not Your Friend (I Am Your Destiny)
3. Your a Stud
4. R.U. My Mommy
5. Model Bitch Fashion Version
6. Model Bitch Runaway Version
7. Mrsrose
8. Green Room
9. I Prize You (I Praise You)
10. You Don’t Know
11. Meal Ticket
12. Kukla, Fran + Bunny
13. She Said
14. You Got It Comin’
15. Vampires Kiss (Truncated)
16. Why Won’t You Call Me
17. Stevert From Within

Disc 2
1. Drugs No Way
2. W.K.E.D.D.Y.
3. Fight, (The) (Song)
4. Onic Outh Double Pumped Version
5. Call Kim Gordon
6. Ru Ready Carolyn Keddy?
7. Erin Go Boom! (The Pinty Song)
8. 1-95-Wrki (Classic Schlock)
9. Shape, (What Kind of) (Are You in?)
10. Blackjack Bunnyjet (Inst.)
11. Long Live Freedom (Cover Your Ghettom W/Wihitout)
12. L.H.G. Speaks / Luck Is Genius

Disc 3
1. Posterboy Gravesite-Eg the Post
2. Bucket, (I’m in the) (Keith)
3. Turnip Trucker Faller Offer 4 Cardinal (You Come Calling)
4. Hello (Reset the Single Malt)
5. Crispy Sensation
6. Seven Steps From New England
7. Mr. Tommy (Poor Henry Style)
8. Triclosan Poisoning
9. Milk, (Another Glass of)
10. Miss Me (Dial-Tone Blues)
11. Oj Filler / Coco Yoko / Mischievous Wit Of Susan Smith / Blood On The Snacks / Smack Subscription / Country Funk ELP / M.R. Tommy H.A.L. / Bring Me The Head Of Trent Resno Chuck Eddy

Disc 4
1. Dan Says Alright
2. Are We Gonna Let Aretha (Franklin) Get (Away) With This (Lame Shit), (How Many Times)
3. Del (Co)
4. Don’t Give up (Yer Day Job) (In Parentheses)
5. Biscuit (In the) Oven
6. F98000 Cool White Ho
7. Don’t Want No Depeche Mode Amplifier, (Andy)
8. Aren’t the Only Monkees (On the Planet), (The Gibbons)
9. Blessed Mary (Mother) Of All Souls
10. F**K With a F**Ker, (II Majestic Gilded Majesty) (Don’t)
11. Kill Yer- (s)Elf
12. Seat Me in the Vivisection)
13. Stratagien Gegen Nik Kershaw

Format Box Set