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Double Death

Format CD

Double Death


A year after the band’s final album Peanut Butter & Jelly Live at the Ginger Minge and their sudden split comes Double Death, a CD/DVD set that includes B-sides, rare tracks, and concert footage.
Double Death - Coachwhips

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“In some parts of the world, it’s been said that attending a performance of the late, great Coachwhips was not unlike that of a religious experience; the blind began to see, the deaf began to hear, and water turned to wine. It’s as if time stood still for 30+ minutes, and there wasn’t anyone else in the entire galaxy but John Dwyer, his band and a few hundred electrified, sweaty kids having the longest orgasm on record. It’s impossible to dispute this, trust us. Coachwhips combine the bite of six thrash bands playing simultaneously with an uppercut of ‘60s garage-rock melody – a sound so furious and yet oh-so-incredibly-pop-laced, the second it punctures your eardrum you’ll want to French kiss the Earth’s entire population. If you never had the chance to attend one of their shows, this is the set for you.The DVD features previously unseen footage chronicling the band’s short but magnificent career, from their house party days to their sticky final show, while the CD showcases 47 minutes of the rare and B-side tunes which were virtually impossible to find prior to this release. Now shut up and kiss me! Very last release from this critically acclaimed buzz band! Definitely a band to experience live; for fans who were unable to catch the band in person, this is DVD/CD set is perfect. “…entertaining and action-packed throughout…” – Pitchfork “I suspect that the Coachwhips wanted to make garage rock and accidentally turned into a thrash band, and the result is way better than if they had tried to do that on purpose.” – Chuck Klosterman, Esquire “Spectoresque wall of noise not unlike The Jesus and Mary Chain in their prime.” – Mojo “Like a honky-tonk hayride gone gloriously amok.” – Entertainment Weekly “Coachwhips know real garage rockers don’t wear Beatle boots.” – Spin

Track Listing:

  1. Mr. Hyde
  2. My Job at the Hive
  3. Prisoner 119
  4. I Don’t Need You
  5. ATM
  6. We Are in Love
  7. Mid-Tempo Violent Dancer
  8. Hands On…
  9. Hey Fanny
  10. He-C-She (Trin-Tran)
  11. Brains Out
  12. Ringing the Chowbell
  13. Fight with My Heart
  14. Ghost of a Chance
  15. I Don’t Know
  16. Death Machine
  17. Boom Pow Wesome Wow! [*]
  18. Guess I’m Fallin’ in Love [*]
  19. Drowning [*]
  20. I Gotta Move [*]
  21. Pigs [*]
  22. Only Inch of My Heart [*]
  23. Pay-n-Pac [*]
  24. Whipin’ My Valise [*]
  25. Witch [*]
Format CD