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Fall Heads Roll

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Fall Heads Roll


Fall Heads Roll - The Fall

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Catalog #: 7033
Release Date: 10.04.05

The latest studio full-length from England’s most prolific rock band. Fourteen tracks of intoxicating splendor promise to captivate old and new fans alike, laced-up with monumental garage-pop hooks effective enough to candy-coat a bruised liver.

Track listing:

1. Ride Away
2. Pacifying Joint
3. What About Us?
4. Midnight Aspen
5. Assume
6. Midnight Aspen (Reprise)
7. Blindness
8. I Can Hear the Grass Grow
9. Bo Demmick
10. Youwanner
11. Clasp Hands
12. Early Days of Channel Führer
13. Breaking the Rules
14. Trust in Me

Format CD