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1000 gold vinyl

Loverock (Limited Edition Vinyl)

Format Vinyl

Loverock (Limited Edition Vinyl)


Original pressing 1000 gold vinyl, 2nd press 500 orange, Die-cut sleeve

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Catalog #: 7020
Release Date: 09.27.04

Blood-orange vinyl; die-cut sleeve.

Ferociously unforgiving, speaker-tearing garage rock. Pound for pound, Guitar Wolf spew the best Japanese punk around. By the time you hear Seiji scream “1-2-3-4!” you’ll know your life’s been sacrificed to the relentless gods of rock. Let your blood boil.

Track Listing:

Side A
A1. Loverock
A2.Demon Card
A3. Jet 13
A4. Violent Letter
A5. Shinkansen High Tension
A6. Universe Youth
A7. Midnite Blood Pump
A8. Moonlight Boy
A9. Ultra Might Nite

Side B
B1. Black Hawk
B2. Katsumiya Tobacco City
B3. Fire Joe
B4. Blood Splashed Sky
B5. Time Machine Of Tears
B6. Only That Girl
B7. SF Tokyo
B8. Black Rock ‘n’ Roll

Format Vinyl