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Pants Control EP

Format CD

Pants Control EP


A brand new EP squawker from San Francisco dance-action, D&D bondage party-rapsters LIL’ POCKETKNIFE-members of K.I.T. and DJ SHITBIRD. A crack-smack of oddly sweet female vocals rocked over raw-ass disco rock beats and electro punk grooves.

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Catalog #: 7010
Release Date: 02.24.04

“Lil Pocket Knife’s debut EP Pants Control introduces the group’s fusion of hip-hop, indie pop and new wave to a wider audience than their San Francisco home, where they made a name for themselves as one of the city’s most engaging live acts.”
~ Heather Phares, Rovi

Track listing:

1. Disco Dancer
2. East Coast/West Coast
3. Red Hott
4. 5’2″
5. A.D.D.

Format CD