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Real New Fall

Format CD

Real New Fall


formerly ‘Country on the Click’
Real New Fall Album - The Fall

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Catalog #: 7018
Release Date: 06.15.04

One of the strongest Fall albums in the band’s 30-year existence. Mark E. Smith took over production duties for this re-issue which features two new tracks and two alternate mixes…all songs re-mastered! Dark, dance punk with electronic undercurrents.

Track lisitng:

1. Green Eyed Loco-Man
2. Mountain Energei
3. Sparta 2XX
4. Cowtraflow
5. Xracothep
6. Janet vs Johnny
7. Boxoctosis
8. The Past
9. Mad Mock Goth
10. Proteinprotection
11. Mike’s Love Hexagon
12. Loop41 ‘Houston
13. Portugal
14. Recover Kit #2

Format CD