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Reformation Post TLC

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Reformation Post TLC


Reformation Post T.L.C. - The Fall

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Catalog #: 7044
Release Date: 03.27.07

Track listing:

1. Over! Over!
2. Reformation [Extended Version]
3. Fall Sound
4. White Line Fever
5. Insult Song [Extended Version]
6. My Door Is Never
7. Coach and Horses
8. The Wright Stuff
9. Scenario
10. Das Boot
11. The Bad Stuff
12. Systematic Abuse
13. Outro
14. My Door [Live][*][Multimedia Track]
15. Scenario [Live][*][Multimedia Track]
16. Hungry Freaks Daddy [Live][*][Multimedia Track]
17. Theme from Sparta F.C. [Live][*][Multimedia Track]

Take a step back to the boiling summer of 2006. The Fall had just successfully completed three out of sixteen US tour dates when suddenly, controversy struck. As Mark E. Smith and keyboardist/wife Eleni Poulou slept soundly in their Phoenix hotel, the band’s guitarists and drummer hopped on an international flight back to the UK in an angry huff. It’s still uncertain what happened in the desert that May, but whatever it was, it helped take The Fall in a refreshing new direction. Smith and Poulou decided to move on with the tour, a new group of backing musicians were dispatched (a group of Americans?!), and eventually the puzzle pieces fell into place. The tour continued, their scheduled recording session in L.A. was completed, and the end result was The Fall’s latest full length, Reformation Post T.L.C. Featuring twelve brand-new tunes set comfortably in angst-soaked garage rock mortar, Reformation Post T.L.C. stands as proof that it takes a lot more than some screwy controversy to stop the fate of Mark E. Smith. Emerging from working-class Manchester, The Fall formed in 1976 after vocalist and incomparably acid-tongued lyricist Mark E. Smith decided he wanted a more personal vessel for his words, ideas, and obsessions with literature. Many albums and member changes later, Mark E. Smith has lead The Fall into becoming what many critics consider to be the most prolific band of the British punk movement. With his philosophical wordplay, knowledge of appealing song structure, and bitterly controversial personality, Mark E. Smith has managed to front a band with not only a cult following, but an impressive record of success on both the UK and US charts. “A furious rhythmic juggernaut of churning guitar, bass, and drums while the free association of images really sticks.” – Under the Radar “Overall The Fall remain, ever shockingly, in excellent form.” – Pitchfork “A brutal, head-banging rock beast.” – BBC

Format CD