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Yer Neu Favorite Band

Format CD

Yer Neu Favorite Band


Debut album from this NY-via-Chicago phenomenon.

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Catalog #: 7005
Release Date: 05.20.03

Debut album from this NY-via-Chicago phenomenon. Its primitive and primordial, bringing to mind some Sonic Youth’s very early work and the Cramps. Their bare-bones approach holds its own alongside labelmates the Coachwhips, with whom they’ll be touring soon. This is what the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s would sound like if they were interested in seriously rocking the house instead of making the next fashion spread.

Track listing:

1. Pulse
2. Fast Getaway
3. Me
4. Asthmatic
5. Anal Box
6. The Piston
7. Zoo
8. Die Young
9. Superstar
10. Treasure X
11. Spyder
12. Ride Me

Format CD