Sisters’ “Sky” is KEXP’s “Song of The Day”

  • Posted: October 20, 2010 
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“With Sisters the typical bread and butter is tossed into a food processor of doubled amps, pedal-loops, keyboards and custom kick-drum fueled synth to create a experience that is exciting and comforting all at once. Today’s Song of the Day, “Sky,” is like drinking a mimosa and coffee at the same time (a practice I highly endorse). The hooky melody and lackadaisical vocals soften the harshness of morning — while swirling 90′s era Mascis guitars charge your heart and clear your vision for the day ahead”. – Brian Cullen, KEXP

Hit the KEXP website to read the full review and for the FREE song download.

Sister’s debut album Ghost Fits is out via Narnack Records.
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