SLUG Mag Sums Up Sisters

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“Sisters = Sonic Youth + Pavement + No Age” “Ghosts Fits is a debut full of honest-to-goodness blistering guitar pop-rock, proving the ‘90s continue to live on.” –Courtney Blair, SLUG Mag Ghost Fits is now available on limited edition 12″ vinyl (feat. full color insert with lyrics).Get it Now

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Sisters Interviewed on Noisevox

  • Posted: October 12, 2010  by Narnack Records   -  
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“Aaron and Matt. Matt and Aaron. They are the men of Sisters. One flails away on his kit, the other wails and warbles through enough loops and double amps to create quite the racket. Only – and make no mistake – it’s an utterly tuneful, melody-rooted racket. Matter of fact these guys will tell you they don’t consider themselves lo-fi, or even particularly a noise band at all, despite repeated […]

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