TPR-mag covers EFG

  • Posted: February 26, 2013 
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Hey, the nice people over at TPR-mag wrote some nice things to say about EFG!

Ms. Jordannah Elizabeth writes:

If you research Electric Flower Group you’ll notice that this collaboration between Secret Machine’s Josh Garza and Imaad Wasif is kind of a big deal in the upper tier of indie rock circles. Even though this new, and almost kindred connection has been recognized by major music publications, their shows and public emergence has simmered quietly as they both humbly glide around small venues until they step on stage and create the most massive and effective celestial space-rock impact that new listeners would not expect.

Electric Flower Group effortlessly translates their music into a pulsating language. If you stop and flow with their music, you can hear Imaad communicating in psychedelic Morse code, sending out telepathic telegrams from his keenly powerful rock and roll third eye, which is terribly captivating. These guys are meticulously timed and tuned-in to one another even when their melodies seem to fall apart causing a perfect faux jam that melts your face while moving your hips. I personally had a blast watching them perform. Garza thanked me for being the only one dancing in the crowd, but what he didn’t understand was that I couldn’t help it. Til the day I die, I’ll let the groove move me, and since I have been a fan of Imaad since I saw him open for Darker My Love in downtown Los Angeles years before, I understood the maturity and almost indescribable talent he exuded that night. I’m so glad Imaad found a musical bond with Garza. They make a harmonious and stellar team.

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